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Honors Choir

Elementary & Middle School

Orchestra Audience

2022-2023 Elementary Honors

The Middle Tennessee Vocal Association (MTVA) Elementary Honor Choir is a one-day event for students in grades 4-6. For this event, there is a virtual audition required to participate. Each school’s music teacher must be a member of MTVA and NAfME to participate. Directors will submit all student auditions via Google Drive as in past years. This event occurs in conjunction with the Middle School Honor Choir. Students will arrive to Hermitage Hills Baptist Church in the morning and rehearse until lunch, with breaks included. Students will have another rehearsal following lunch. Students will be released to dinner and will return for the concert at the determined call time. The concert is at 6:30pm for both groups, with Elementary performing first.  Directors are expected to remain on site and assist with all rehearsals, breaks, lunch/dinner, and the performance. Concert attire will be white shirt, black pants/skirts, and black shoes. Girls that choose to wear skirts must wear black hose with their skirt. 

2022-23 Middle School Honors

Audition Practice Files

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